Thursday, May 13, 2010

European Keyboards are Tricky

So anybody forced to blog on one of the computers in our hostel will agree that switching the stinking 'z' and 'y' is just one of the most frustrating things ever. and I reallz mean ever. (You see what I did there? haha)

So anyway, we moved to the new Hostel today, which is totally boss. hip. awesome. modern. whatever. The decoration is amazing, the people are SO FRIENDLY! Example: I was just standing at this computer station, typing, when one of the employees grabbed me a stool and said smiling, ''Here, sit :)'' Totally grade A service.

So I don't want to talk up to much time on this computer, but I did not to jot down some ideas before I forgot them. I guess these are more observations about Berlin, actually.

1) I did NOT expect so much graffiti everywhere. It's everywhere. After moving into The Circus, Phia, Vern, and I took the train to Potsdam and I realized, that with every passing mile--or kilometers, rather (I guess that's more appropriate right now)--I saw graffiti E V E R Y W H E R E. And there are a lot of times, most times, in fact, where I think it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Seriously, I hope my parents aren't pissed when I bring my camera home and it's full of pictures of neon letters and designs. I love seeing it, but sitting on the train, staring out the window into the nothingness of the forest, THERE WAS STILL GRAFFITI. Like, COME ON, take a break!! Why was every inch slash centimeter covered in names and....names of body parts...!?!? It was bothersome. Looking at the peaceful green and then seeing....names of body parts. So yes, I was a little annoyed.

Well, the train ride got me thinking about it, and now I can't stop thinking about it.

Item number 2: Berlin is not handicap acessible. Not in the slightest. It's actually a little disappointing. I can only remember seeing one elevator in an U Bahn Station, and the escalators are far and few in between. It's not even just the mobility. It's do I put it? It's the overall condition of life for people with any sort of handicap here in Berlin. Every person I've seen, from a broken leg, to a missing arm, permanent to temporary handicaps... I hope I can say this without lumping everyone into one group, but they all just seem so rough around the edges. Dirty, tired, exhausted, not well cared after. They seem alone. I see that people keep their distance. There is always some sort of invisible boundary. No one makes eye contact. :/
It's really disheartening. I had expected something better, I guess. Maybe I hadn't expected anything at all. But just the state of almost everyone I've's just really something that needs attention.

Anyhoo, I see some old man eyeing me for my computer. Time to go! Bis Bald!

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