Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We aren't even one week into the trip and the students know their way around, have adjusted, have seen a ton, and. . . we need to get some pictures up to show it. This group has been absolutely GREAT! They have made it to early-morning tours on time, they are engaged and ask good questions on tours, they are taking in Berlin with all their senses. We are all very tired, but the upcoming days will allow the students plenty of time to explore on their own. So far, we have had tours of Berlin Mitte, Sachsenhausen, the Stasi Prison, a Jewish Berlin walking tour, and a walking tour of counter-memorials. We've been guests at a reception at the non-profit where we tutor, we read on the public square where the (Nazi) book-burnings were on May 10, 1933, and we had a meeting at the Tagespiegel newspaper with the chief editor of Culture, who talked with us about theater in Germany, today. . . And I'm sure I must be forgetting something! Our only remaining tours after this are a walking tour of Kreuzberg, a tour of the Jewish Museum, and a day-long trip to Dresden with a guide. I'm posting a few older photos. The ugly green structure is just off the grounds (beyond a fence) of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp memorial. It was the Casino that the SS frequented (so that their work didn't get to them, too much). The big group in the last photo is all the kids, their parents, and their German tutors who showed up to meet us at the Community Center where we tutor.

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