Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Okay, so I can't get my blog to work, so I am posting as Roxy, however I am not Roxy, I am Maggie. So, with that said, I shall continue.
Today was another dreary (weather wise) but fun-filled day in BERLIN! To start off our day we read a little Brecht, Tucholsky und so weiter... Breakfast, wie immer, was DELICIOUS. Fresh brötchen, käse, salami und schinken, mmmmmm, lecker. We sat around our knights round table (coolio round table in the b-fast room at 3 Little Pigs) and read aloud in our best German accents. We didn't get too many looks, but it was quite a grand way to start the morning off.
Then we were off to the races. Okay so not the races, but Friedrichstrasse, or at least around that area. Today an exhibit and readings was going on to commemorate the writers and their works that were burned in the 30s. There were readings being done by various people; some kids from the Jewish High School, a famous german fußball spielerin, and US, the beautiful Studenten aus MICHIGAN (pronounced by the Germans as MITCH-EE-GAN, super cute) We were complemented on our schön Deutsch, which in my case is such a lie, but it was a nice complement nonetheless. I read an excerpt from Brecht's "An Die Nachgeborenen", which I would advise reading, auf Englisch, oder auf Deutsch, also auf Deutsch natürlich, weil es Brecht ist, aber English when you can't do German. Real good stuff the man has got there, real good.
We went to Friedrichstrasse Bahnhof for lunch, ate some crepes, and Roxy ate MCDONALDS (shame on you ROXY) we meandered about the platform for a bit, took in our surroundings and then it was back to the Pigs (HOSTEL). For my own personal note, which I guess a lot of this is anyways, I went down to the little lobby we have at the Pig, and as I was on my computer I was approached by this interesting Brazilian guy. We talked for 45 minutes, good chat about life, and I was proud to have met a stranger finally, okay not stranger, but yeah stranger, but interesting encounter while here in Berlin. It was a good time, but then I had to go to tutoring.
HERR MANN is such a hoot, and he's from FLORIDA... We had a good chat, but I'm pretty sure our English conversations caused my Tutee to bore herself in a daze, which I apologize for. However tomorrow I'm with her and Inge, who can nur auf Deutsch sprechen, so it will be far easier for her to understand. I love my Tutee, she's such a sweetheart and I hope she enjoyed my ramblings about America.
So now comes the REALLY good part. "TRUST":
I was about in tears approx like 5 times throughout, and it was just beautiful, amazing, grand, awesome, KEWL, GREAT. I loved it, loved it, loved it. I would so advice going to it, but for those of you who AREN'T in Germany, too bad, you're missing out. This show has got to be my favorite thing I've seen in a long time, in fact, one of the best ever. The experimentation wasn't too over the top, and I don't know, it's too hard to explain its grandness, but it was grand. I just felt like it was life changing : D
But now it is night night time, and this lady must sleep. Thank you for taking time out of your life to read my mumble jumble, GUTE NACHT, TSCHUSS


  1. TRUST WAS SO FRICKIN GOOD!! im totally happy you got to see it! :)